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Western Mass Winter Wedding

I'm a big fan of creative "do what you want" style weddings. Shelby and Marouf were already married 2 years before their formal wedding day event. I love living in a modern time where you can keep traditions but in ways that makes sense to you. The couple lives together in Kuwait and traveled to the bride's childhood home of Western Massachusetts to hold the event. They wanted to build the day up to a first look so they got ready in separate hotel rooms. From the hotel the couple took separate cars and met at the Talcott Greenhouse at Mount Holyoke College. I had Marouf wait for Shelby in the way back of the greenhouse. When Shelby arrived I told her "Go find him"; and she did! It was so precious. The greenhouse was a perfect backdrop for Shelby's stunning wedding dress. After we soaked up the warmth of the greenhouse we were ready to head to the wedding venue. The wedding was held at Lattitude in West Springfield followed by dinner and dancing... and by dancing I mean DANCING. Shelby was a total show stopper when she changed into her white wedding jumpsuit. I was totally floored. Shelby has been a dancer her whole life, so make sure you scroll through them all to get to the impressive high kicks.

one of my favorite, most real, mother/daughter getting ready moment:

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