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Vacation Forever

Went on a tropical vacation to beautiful Barbados. We stayed on the East Coast country side at a remote air-bnb. The home we stayed in had some sweet outdoor kitties that i kept sneaking into the Villa. I wanted to take them home with me! During our stay we swam in the open ocean as much as possible. I only grabbed my camera a few times; here are my favorite shots from what we explored.


Bathsheba lies along the wild east coast. Pretty sure I screamed when the views first came into sight. The waves crash big here. The giant rock formations made me feel grounded.

Hunte's Garden

We explored Hunte's Botanical Garden on our 3rd day. It was one of the highlights of our week. The grounds housed what seemed like an endless variety of tropical flora. There were enchanting stone fountains and antique statues hidden around every corner. Tucked away was a room that felt like a space out of time. It was like an Anthropologie display come to life.

West Coast

We drove out to the west coast almost daily to swim in the clearest blue/green water I've ever seen. On days we spent at the beach, I would only bring my Fuji Instant Square film camera... I think this snapshot truly captures our west coast experience.


If you know me, you know I like cats. If i see a cat (literally anywhere) my brain jolts and I have no control over wanting to be best friends for life with it. Our air-bnb had some precious outdoor kitties. They kept me company during my morning coffee and during our late afternoon chill time. There was a Tabby with fiery eyes that was particularly cute and lovable. I hope we meet again someday.

Everything Else

And here is everything else in between

the end

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