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The Botaniste

You may know Corina, the Botaniste, as she is a local legend. She has the most charming flower shop in all of Western, Ma. Among the amazing flower arrangements, she has cultivated a vintage/chic interior that always inspires. Her love (and great eye) for unique one of kind items has also given her a talent for curating a worthwhile thrift store within her flower shop. It was only a matter of time that fate would place us together (literally, as she lives across the hall from me). When she texted me to see if I was interested in shooting an impromptu photo session with her friend who runs the Singing Bridge Performing Arts Lodge in Cummington, Ma... i said heck yes! As this is New England in the winter, the sun was long gone when we got to shooting at the location. I am counting the days until Spring when I can go back in a wash of sunshine and get the full experience of the grounds. Here are some of my favorite shots from our wedding day dress up party.

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