Shooting my First Wedding

Shot this wedding last summer. This wedding was the single event that truly propelled me into taking photography much more seriously. The perfectionist that I am wishes I could go back in time and shoot this wedding all over again, knowing all the things i know now (and with the gear I have now) but at the same time, I love all of these sweet pictures and am so happy to have them in my portfolio.

How'd I land this first wedding? A good friend 's sister was getting hitched and just called me up and asked if I'd shoot her wedding. I was very upfront about having never shot a wedding before. She was supper supportive and happy to let me shoot her first wedding and get that experience. The couple getting married were looking to have a great time on their wedding day. They wanted me to simply document the day. The big day came and went and ::Voila:: I shot my first wedding.

The wedding was held at the family's home in one of the hill towns of Western Massachusetts. It rained heavily all morning but the sun came out just in time for the ceremony! By the end of the night half the guests were barefoot and all of us were covered in mud. It was truly amazing.

Without further ado; Kathleen and Sean's Wedding