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How to put together a DIY Non-tradition Wedding or Elopement

Looking to get hitched but not into the traditional wedding day vibe? This styled shoot was put together with couples like you in mind. Here are some tips on how to keep your day true to you, super special and also super fun!

  1. Prioritize your top 2-3 budget splurges. Go big on a few things you love but save money in other places. In this shoot our couple splurged on a lush bouquet & floral decor, vintage outfits and Super 8 Film videography but saved $$ at the reception by having it "catered" by the local pizzeria .

  2. Wear whatever you want. Vintage is your best friend for one of a kind, meant to be wedding day looks.

  3. Work with the local vendors/artist you love. If you love their work, you know you won't have to stress about the outcome. Trust them to do what they do best so you can let go and enjoy the day.

  4. Enlist your friends for help. This is one of those times you can call in a few favors to make your dream day happen.

  5. Pick a non-traditional venue. We picked our local Candle Pin Bowling alley as the reception venue. Cocktail hour was held on the lanes and we retired to the bar for pizza, cake and dancing.

  6. Invite the people you love hanging out with. If you surround yourself with the ones who make you happiest, odds are you're going to have a great time celebrating.

And that's it. That's all I've got for advice. We had so much fun at this styled shoot it turned into a bit of a real party; which makes me believe my tips above work!

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