Greek Easter

Here is a tiny peak into my family's celebration of Greek Easter.

Food, food, food... food. My Mom has perfected making Spanakopita (which i grew up calling "Pita"). It tastes IDENTICAL to the way my Yaya's! Which is a small miracle because I've never had Pita from any greek restaurant that could ever compare. The other big time show stoppers are the lamb shish kabob and my Yaya's style rice. My other favorite part of Greek Easter is the egg cracking. I don't know why but instead of doing a friendly Easter Egg hunt, I grew up being given an egg and informed to crash it into another family member's egg with ill intent. Whomever's egg is unscathed by the end of this ordeal is considered "the lucky one". Greek Easter eggs are traditionally dyed red...This year my sister took on the egg dying task... they came out very pretty (and I'll resume the role as official red egg dyer next year).

Katie beats Charlie

Katie beats Joan

Katie beats Joanne (pictured above gloating) (not pictured: me gloating after beating my sister then me swiftly losing to Dan)