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Amherst Sunrise Engagement

When I photograph two individuals that are in love something magical happens. I know, it sounds so corny BUT it's true! One partner tries to make the other one smile, that smile makes the other partner smile back and before you know it they are both beaming with happiness! I friggin love it.

I met Jocelyn and Sean for the first time the morning of their engagement photoshoot. Like most people getting their photos taken by a stranger at 6:45 in the morning, I could tell they were a little tired and a little unsure how it would go. As soon as we got started though, they immediately connected with each other. Sean would grab Jocelyns hands, pull her in, their eyes would meet and it was like I wasn't even there! We had a blast romping around Amherst as the sun came up. I cannot wait until their wedding next year. (oh also, these photos were taken on the most beautiful peak season fall day- no big deal)

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