Hi. I'm Nikki.  I'm a photographer from Western Massachusetts. My photography is constantly evolving but there are few things that I'm pretty drawn to.  I love film and I get excited when I can recreate some of the film palettes in my digital work.  I trust my gut and shoot people as they are and their events the way I see them unfold.  

To get to know me a little here is a top five list of things I like:

1. Thrifting Vintage- Thrifting is a real life treasure hunt.  It's so exciting to stumble upon an old film camera or finding an amazing vintage dress that fits just right! Second hand vintage is the best way I keep my home and wardrobe sustainable but to be honest I just love vintage styles better.  Couples who have a flair for vintage style: I want to meet you and photograph you!  

2. Music-  I love listening to old records.  I love dancing to 80's Italian disco.  Music saves me when I have long drives!  Here is a short list of some of my favorite artists:

   1.  Judas Priest            6.  Radiorama

   2.  Thin Lizzy               7.  The Smiths

   3.  ABBA                      8.  Rocky Erickson 

   4.  The Shins                9.  Heart

   5.  The Ramones        10.  Belle and Sebastian 


I bring a small speaker for music to every photoshoot.  I fancy myself somewhat of a DJ and have a couple playlists that are... pretty freakin good but I like to tailor a playlist to the client and take song requests if we have internet service because we all have more fun when we hear the music we dig!  

3. Photography- Not just saying this because I'm trying to rack up business.  I love photography and get lost in it.  I shoot digital for all client work.  I play around with 35mm film but Instant film is definitely my favorite.  I usually sneak a few instant photos for client work because it's always an unpredictable one-of-a-kind outcome.  

4. The Beach- I wanted to list "travel" but really love beaches more than other places.   I know there are people out there that hate the beach but what are ya gonna do?

5. Pets- I say "pets" because I love animals and pets are animals I'm usually allowed to touch! Yes, I too wish you could have brought your cat to your photoshoot.  If you have a doggie and want to run wild during your shoot, I'm into it.  Not going to get into the politics of cats vs dogs here but love my cat Baby above all others.  


So ya, now you know a little about me.  

I think everyone should get to know their photographer before working with them!  You should like your photographer, not just their photographs (although, yeah, you should defiantly LOVE their photography too).   

Without further ado: Here's Baby!

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