Hi, I'm Nikki I'm a photographer from Western Massachusetts.


My photography is constantly evolving but I think I will always find joy in capturing the connection between two people in love.

The focus of my work has shifted towards primarily shooting weddings and elopements but I am also available to shoot portraits and branding/marketing campaigns.

What is it like to shoot with me? Often there's laughing.  Often there's kissing.  I don't pose my clients but rather explore moments together and snap photos along the way.

To get to know me a little here is a list of some stuff I like:

Thrifting Vintage

Thrifting is a real life treasure hunt.


It's so exciting to stumble upon an old film camera or finding an amazing vintage dress that fits just right! 


Second hand vintage is how I keep my home and wardrobe sustainable but to be honest I just love vintage styles better.  


Couples who have a flair for vintage style:  


I want to meet you and photograph you!  

Nikki at Home.jpg


I love listening to old records.  

I love dancing to 80's Italian disco.


I bring a small speaker to play music at every photoshoot.  

I fancy myself somewhat of a DJ and have a couple playlists that are  pretty freakin good.

Nikki's top 10 faves

1.  Judas Priest 

2.  Thin Lizzy 

3.  ABBA

4.  The Shins

5.  The Ramones

6.  Radiorama 

7.  The Smiths 

8.  Rocky Erickson 

9.  Heart 

10. Belle and Sebastian

nikki selfie (2 of 2).jpg


Ok, I'm not just saying I love photography because I'm trying to rack up business. I really love photography. My style & aesthetic is inspired by art and cinema.


I shoot digital for all client work. I play around with 35mm film but Instant film is definitely my favorite.  I usually try to sneak a few instant photos for client work because it's always a one-of-a-kind outcome.  

The Beach 

There is no place I'd rather be than on a beach somewhere.  

nikki bassette photographer jumping on beach in vintage swim suit


I love animals.  Yes, I too wish you could have brought your cat to your photoshoot.  If you have a doggie and want to run wild during your shoot, I'm into it.  


love my cat Baby.  

nikki bassette's cat baby

So now you know a little about me.  

I think everyone should get to know their photographer before working with them!  You should like your photographer, not just their photographs. (although, yeah, you should defiantly LOVE their photography too)

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Who is Nikki Bassette?