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I'm Nikki


and this is 


Together we create Super 8 films and take photographs capturing weddings and elopements for couples in love.  We are local to Western Massachusetts but love to travel all over the place.  


Dan and I have been shooting film and digital photography since high school and we continue to grow and expand our knowledge and love of the medium.   

Why Weddings?

We were underwhelmed with traditional wedding photography & video and wanted to create photos and films that are cooler and more romantic while feeling natural, less obtrusive and less posed.  Weddings are fun and we love capturing beautiful moments with our cameras or on Super 8 Film.  

Still want to know more?  Here is a laundry list of stuff we love:  music, art, cinema, cartoons, friendship, the beach,  champagne, comic books, D&D, painting, thrifting vintage, riding bikes, traveling to new places and our cat, Baby.


Hop over to the contact page to get more information on our process.

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