I'm Nikki.

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I'm local to Western Massachusetts based in the Northampton area.  I've been shooting film since I was 16 and shooting with my grown up digital camera since my early 20's.  It wasn't until I hit my 30's that I considered being a professional wedding photographer.  

What shifted me into wedding photography?

My friends started getting married!

My friends booked cool venues and had over-the-top wedding looks, amazing dance floor moments and made lots of great memories on those days... but so many of my friends were disappointed with their wedding photos!  I attended these weddings and saw firsthand how disconnected the photographers were from the couples and guests.  The photographers only coached them into traditional poses and weren't connecting with them on any level. The photo gallery results were underwhelming to say the least.  Whenever the topic of their wedding photos came up, they'd say things like, "I wish we had you shoot our wedding."  At the time, I laughed because I wasn't a wedding photographer.

And then it hit me:

I could be a wedding photographer!  I could take great photos, do it in a way that felt genuine and add to people's days instead of taking away from them.  

 And here I am a few years later living the dream.  

Still want to know more?  Here is a laundry list of stuff I love:  music, art, cinema, cartoons, friendship, the beach,  champagne, thrifting vintage, riding bikes, traveling to new places, my cat BABY and my partner Dan! 

Wondering what the next steps are?  Hop over to my contact page and get more info on what the process is when you reach out to me.